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What makes us different

We are passionate about language and culture

A Partnership Model

A Business Mindset

We are highly qualified professionals who love to geek out on how English and Chinese interact with each other in terms of language, culture and nuance, which is why we will only focus on English and Chinese. 

With a shared background of tertiary-level education in translation and interpreting studies, we each separately have an additional area of expertise (e.g. legal, medical, technolgy, finance, etc.).

By partnering up with professional, experienced and qualified translators in both the UK and mainland China, we are able to broaden our expertise and support each other in the quality assurance (QA) workstream. 

The positive effects are particularly noticeable in the translation of longer documents, where we can call upon our partners with a specific area of expertise to proofread and edit translated documents, making the most of the time difference whenever possible.

We will take the time to understand your values and your objectives to ensure that we can maximise the benefits to be gained from our services.

Our clients range from individuals and businesses to high-net-worth individuals so we understand that, often, there may be a need for secrecy and confidentiality therefore we would be happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement (if required) and may ask you to sign a copy of our standard services agreement.

Kaycee Gu

Founder and Lead Chinese - English Translator/Interpreter

Born in China, grown up in the UK: native-level proficiency in both Chinese (Simplified Chinese / Mandarin) and English, with an in-depth understanding of both cultures. 

Trained in specialised translation, public services interpreting and business conference interpreting. 

Key Experiences:

  • Podcast host at Chinese Colloquialised talking about all things Chinese culture in Chinese
  • Non-practising solicitor (4+ years working as a solicitor in one of the top 5 UK law firms)

Key Qualifications:

  • MA in Translation and Interpreting Studies at Surrey University (ongoing)
  • LLB in Law at Warwick University (2:1)